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Let me briefly take you back to the Legislative session of 2015, at the Washington State Capitol. Twenty22Many and its Veterans were in front of another legislative hearing to determine If PTSD was in fact going to be allowed on Washington states list of qualifying conditions for medical cannabis use. Guaranteeing PTSD, a spot on that list was the only way us veterans would be able to use Medical Cannabis and not lose all Veteran benefits. We all lined up to be given the standard three minutes to explain why Cannabis keeps us all alive. Three minutes, to explain to a panel why we Veterans will cease to exist if not for access to Medical Cannabis.
As I watched my brothers and sisters spill their inner most fears, one after another, in hopes to convince legislators that we deserved to live on Cannabis and not survive on pills, I had noticed a not so pretty picture. I looked to see one legislator blatantly on his phone, another quietly talking to the person next to him, and another step out while we were giving testimony. American Veterans, not even being given the time of day while they braved this public hearing, not asked for but, forced upon us. I was shocked and decided it was time that I get their attention. Atlas, it was my turn to step to the mic and tell them my side of the story. I felt at this moment a need to tell them a dark story of my past that would place PTSD upon my shoulders for a lifetime. I started my speech by telling the panel my PTSD story, one I had never shared with anyone in my life until that moment. Not even my best friend nor mother knew the story I was about to tell. I told the panel plainly that my PTSD was not from my service in the Marines but, my PTSD was from being sexually abused (rapped) as a young child and that it was something I have lived with my entire life. With my fellow Veterans at my side I felt safe in sharing this dark secret. I went on to explain how Medical Cannabis not only helps me get day to day but, also from moment to moment. The look on their faces, I felt like I had finally gotten through.
We were heard that day.
After the hearing that day, and many others to follow legislators and their assistants would stop me in the hallways and thank me for my moving testimony but, the work isn’t done.

This story is critical because it speaks to the lack of attention we are facing with 20-22 Daily Veteran Suicides. Nobody, from our Commander and Chief down to the lowest levels of government are paying these suicides the attention they rightfully deserve. What happened that day at our hearings speaks volume about our culture towards veterans and suicides. I know that our (Twenty22Many) powerful testimony that took place that day and others has made the difference in getting PTSD added to the list of qualifying conditions in Washington state. Our PTSD bill came out of the Senate without a single conflicting Vote. Sadly, this was the same year that PTSD was turned down in Colorado and other states. What we accomplished in Washington State, the model we used can and should be taken to every state considering cannabis treatment for PTSD.

All of this was accomplished by Twenty22Many in the first six months of existence. Now here we are two years later, many trips to Washington D.C and the United Nations under our belts all in the name of creating safe reliable access to Medical Cannabis for all Veterans. Twenty22Many is as grassroots as a 501(c)3 can get. Twenty22Many has become a beacon of hope for all Veterans looking to walk down the path of Holistic and Medical Cannabis Healing. It isn’t just the THC, it’s not just Terpenes, or CBD, CBN’s and CBG’s, it’s the synergy and entourage effect between them all.

Twenty22Many was born from a Medical Cannabis Collective Garden And Safe Access Point, Rainier Xpress 2011-2016

We at Twenty22Many Strongly believe that we will sooner than later get Medical Cannabis Access to all Veterans, in all states, under one simple life rule. Ethics. We strongly believe that it is unethical to deny a Veteran in one state that same medicine that is saving Veterans lives in another. If Medical Cannabis is considered part of a doctors “medical tool box” of healing in one state it needs to be allowed in all states, to all people. It’s unethical to keep forcing pharmaceuticals on our Veterans. If a Veteran gets out of the service tomorrow the only thing he or she knows is alcohol and pills. For all Veterans Pills are Free and on every base in the world and alcohol is easily accessed, cheap, and tax free.
Twenty22Many was created to change that culture. We want to reach that new Veteran and help guide them, implore them to look at Holistic Healing and Medical Cannabis as an option. The importance of this knowledge is quite literary a manner of life and death.

We hope to bring with every new addition of Everything Medical Marijuana a Veteran related story about and for Veterans.

Below is a list of current and future programs Twenty22Many is and will be involved with

* Twenty22Many Summer BBQ Series
* Twenty22Many Advocacy Trips & Activist Trips
* Twenty22Many Hiking
* Indoor Skydiving
* Weapons Safety
* City Volunteering
* Twenty22Many Yoga
* Twenty22Many Own 24/7 Helpline. We will assist any Veteran anywhere in the world.
* Twenty22Many Jujitsu
* Twenty22Many Arts and Crafts
* Twenty22Many Education Center

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